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What is BIM? Understand Building Information Modeling

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As specialised in Building Information Modelling, BIMDESS is the formation of 25 years of academic research and enterprising amalgamated with industry practice from design, construction and property sectors.


From humble beginnings, BIMDESS is evolving with the rapidly changing architectural, engineering, and construction landscapes. With a history deeply rooted in continuous learning and adaptation, our journey mirrors the progression of BIM philosophy encapsulating people, process, policy and technology dimensions.

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  • 3D modelling

    This involves creating parametric digital 3D models of building structures, including all their components and systems towards architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical design solutions.
    This can help architects, engineers, and contractors to visualize the project, identify design issues, and improve collaboration and communication to build a shared understanding amongst the project stakeholders.
    This is critical to avoid any costly and time consuming changes and disputes down the line in the project lifecycle.

  • Clash Detection

    Identifying potential collisions and conflicts or clashes between various design aspects and systems, such as architectural and structural designs, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. This is immensely effective BIM practice to diagnose issues/clashes/conflicts in the proposed design solution early in the process before implementing on the construction site and avoid costly rework during construction stage.

  • Coordination

    BIM coordination involves managing and coordinating the various stakeholders involved in projects, including architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors. This can help to ensure that everyone is working from the same model and that there are no conflicts or errors in the design

  • Quantity take-off

    Automated Quantity Take-Off service involves using BIM tools to calculate the quantities and costs of materials needed for a project, based on the BIM model. This can help to ensure accurate estimates and budgets for the construction projects

  • Visualization and 3D Communication

    Communication is critical in a multi-disciplinary project environment and not everyone can understand 2D technical drawings as needed. BIMDESS provides BIM based high-quality visualisations and animations of building designs, allowing clients and building users to better understand and visualise the final building product.

  • 4D BIM Construction planning and scheduling

    4D BIM (3DBIM+time) involves adding a time dimension to the BIM model, allowing stakeholders to visualise and simulate the project over time and track daily/weekly/monthly/yearly progress of construction execution. This service involves using BIM models to plan and schedule construction activities, including sequencing, phasing, and logistics.

  • 5D BIM Cost estimating and budgeting

    5D BIM (3DBIM+time+cost) involves adding cost information to the model, enabling stakeholders to estimate costs more accurately and make informed decisions. This service involves using BIM models to estimate costs and budgets for construction projects, including materials, labour, and equipment

  • Facility management

    BIMDESS Facility management service involves using BIM data to manage and maintain building facilities throughout the building lifecycle, including monitoring energy usage, tracking maintenance activities, and planning for future upgrades. Developing a digital BIM model of a building that includes information about its maintenance, operations, and assets can help to improve the efficiency of maintenance and repairs, reduce costs, and extend the lifespan of the building.

  • Asset management

    BIMDESS asset management involves using BIM data to manage and maintain assets associated with a building, such as furniture, equipment, and machinery.

  • Sustainability Analysis

    Sustainability analysis involves using BIM to analyse the environmental impact of a building design, including factors such as energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and materials selection.

BIM Design and Engineering Solutions

By offering a range of BIM services, BIMDESS provides value to clients at building lifecycle stages from design and construction to asset management and sustainability analysis.

In every project, our goal is to deliver added value to our clients.

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